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 My Goshawk "Hunter" longbow is a moderate Deflex/Reflex design that I build in three lengths. 58", 60" and 62". The 60" is my favorite and the length the bow was designed around. The 62" works best for those archers with a draw over 28" and the 58" is good for archers with a 27" draw or less and I build quite a few youth bows that length. The "Hunter" is quick, quiet and very smooth and clean on the release. 

Some quotes from Pete Ward's review of my "Hunter" longbow.

"The glue lines are very precise and tight, without fault."

"Shooting the Goshawk "Hunter" is a pleasant experience. It is one of the quietest bows I have shot."

"The "Hunter" longbow I am reviewing is a delight to carry and shoot. Its light weight lets it come up fast, and the smooth draw lets you anchor and shoot naturally. The bow is deadly quiet, leaving the possibility for a follow up shot if needed."

"There is something special about shooting a bow made by a man that puts his feelings and pride into each bow he builds."

Top to bottom

Black glass with white glass and osage overlay

Black glass with Shedua overlay

Red Elm edge grain with black glass and osage overlay

Curley Maple with black glass and osage overlay

Curley Maple with black glass and walnut overlay

Figured walnut with Cocobolo overlay

Click the link above to read a review of the Goshawk "Hunter" longbow.

Top to bottom

Osage riser with Zebra arc

Zebra riser with osage arc

Osage riser with Hickory arc

All Maple

Walnut with Maple arc youth bow

Maple riser with Walnut arc